You don’t have to be a Cowboy to Enjoy the Pro Rodeo Hall Of Fame

The affordable sport of Rodeo is commonly considered a sport birthed in the history of America and the American cowboys of the late 18 Century are thought about as the developers of the initial American sport, rodeo.

The Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame

Fiesta Days Rodeo
Fiesta Days Rodeo

and Museum was originally developed to preserve the heritage, culture of the initial competitors, and also legacy of the cowboy contests. The museum is renowned worldwide as the only gallery exclusively devoted to the sport of expert rodeo. It aims to educate site visitors concerning the history of the sport as well as offers an explanation of what the cowboy candidates must/had to experience to emerge triumphant in the championships.


The Pro Rodeo Hall of Popularity was very first open up to the general public in August 1979. Because the opening of the Hall, more than 27 rodeo boards, 31 livestock, and 250 individuals have actually been inducted. Over 100 people get nominations every year, but just a few are selected to have their names etched in history.

In other words, the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame and also Gallery preserves the eminence, online reputation and also pays homage to the rodeo notables of the past and also present including commentators, stock specialists, clowns, rodeo supply, and rodeo boards etc., serving as a motivation for aspiring rodeo rivals. We are certain that you will delight in checking out the celebrities of this unsafe and also tough sport.

In addition to that, the gallery also features a comprehensive collection of souvenirs, art, cowboy equipment, and hundreds of exhibitions from stimulates to trophies to live bulls etc. Our company believe that you will particularly enjoy seeing the saddles displayed there; the virtuosity and elaborate hand tooling of the saddles ought to completely thrill the rodeo fanatic. While there, you are also treated to a cool and quick intro video of around 15-minutes on the rodeo way of life.

The gallery likewise possesses The Outdoor Garden Exhibit that is house to the Priefert Sector where wild-west programs, group roping occasions, as well as convention rodeos are held from May to October. The 101 Gallery showcases the Western art collections and also various other exhibitions that pertain to the sport of rodeo.

Of course, there is additionally a present store situated within the facilities that uses a fantastic option of things varying from magnets to postcards, publications to induction belt fastenings.

This place is definitely a must-visit for those curious about the cowboy way of living!

The Pro Rodeo Hall of Popularity and Museum was at first developed to preserve the heritage, society of the original competitors, and tradition of the cowboy competitions. The gallery is renowned around the world as the only museum solely dedicated to the sporting activity of professional rodeo. The Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame was first opened to the public in August 1979.

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